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We form a partnership with our clients so that they understand that while we are working on the negative items listed on their report, their actions are an integral part of the program as well. We create a plan of action so that our clients have a clear understanding of what it is going to take to reach the goals that we have agreed on together.

  • Personal Consultation Available
  • Identify Items We Are Able to Work On
  • Plan of Action Created to Maximize Score Growth

We are dedicated to quick results and safe financial service. We start by identifying your current situation and assessing your goals. You may have heard on recent television commercials that there are 3 bureaus of credit, each with their own credit score. You will be able to access and view your scores through our custom client dashboard. To ensure the highest level of quality our system is integrated with 24/7 Online Cloud Software for your convenience and around the clock protection with credit monitoring.

We do all the work. Are there disputes or potential settlements on your credit report? Our team of credit advisers is often able and willing to settle for pennies on the dollar or remove the negative items completely.

After we smooth the rough edges, we are able to go to work helping you increase your credit based on experienced strategies.

We are very affordable and flexible.

Many of our clients do not have a bank account due to negative history and our recommended secured credit card helps reconnect our customers to the financial world.

Your Financial Future in the Present

Identity protection is paired with our credit repair services. We are in affiliation with one of the nation's most trusted full-service identity theft and notification companies. This will help prevent future credit issues before they happen as you will be notified each time your social security number is used.

If fraud is detected you can immediately dispute the action before the problem escalates.

We would like to help you with your credit consulting needs and provide you with the information you need to succeed moving forward.

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BTCP, LLC is a Licensed and Bonded
Texas Credit Repair Company

Free Consultation

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 Texas  Credit Repair

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We provide you with:

  • Credit Repair For Equifax, Experian, Transunion and in some situations the creditors/collection agencies.

  • Credit Bureau Disputes: We require the bureaus to uphold their legal and statutory obligations to consumers with regards to fairness and accuracy of your credit reports.

  • Escalated Info Requests: Credit companies who treat consumers unfairly hardly ever document their credit reporting processes to the extent required by law. This intervention compels their compliance and may result in the removal of the damaged trade line.

  • Access to our resource center and tools to help you build your credit and keep it.

  • A credit repair specialist to evaluate your credit and help remove/update all inaccurate, unverifiable and erroneous data.

  • We have seen scores increase of up to 150-200 points or more from the removal/updating of inaccurate items. 

  • We seen many inaccurate items removed such as Bankruptcies, Repossessions, Foreclosure, Tax liens, Judgments, Collection Accounts and more.

  • We get results in as little as 35 days depending on the item disputed/investigated. 

  • Normal credit repair takes 3 – 6 months and can take up to 1 year for some items; but with us you will have unlimited disputes across all (3) bureaus with our expedient approach to get you to your goals quicker.

FREE Consultation


Getting Started

Call and talk to one of our  Credit Repair experts today.
Consultations are always FREE! We will pull your credit report 
while you’re right on the phone with us and give you honest 
answers how we can help. We look at your reports the same way
lenders do; finding the fastest way to get you to the scores you need.


Review and Set Up

We then simply email you the documents for your review and 
with a simple click of approval your automatically in our system
and ready for your work to be done. The entire consultation plus 
paper work can be done in under 15 minutes.


We Will Do the Rest

We then interface directly with the 3 major  credit bureau’s or in
some cases the creditor’s themselves using our years of experience to
facilitate the removal of those pesky negatives. This process can 
take as fast as 2 business days from the day you approve us to get started.
Best yet there are no charges to you until all our work is fully preformed.


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