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Best Texas Credit Pros, LLC. Tex. Fin. Code § 393.002.

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Voted #1 Best Texas Credit Repair Company; Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. Bonded, insured and licensed Credit Repair, LLC to service all of Texas. Upfront pricing (no sales), full transparency and fast results. Professional and best solutions to improve your scores. Start building your credit today by enrolling in our intelligent repair program. Simply the Best Credit Repair Company that provides an easy to understand program with fast driven results. Best Texas is an award winning team who genuinely cares, and seeks to ensure financial success and to enrich lives.

Servicing ALL of Texas

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• Bankruptcy

• Public Records

• Repossessions

• Foreclosure

• Judgments

•  Credit Fraud

 Tax liens

• Student loans


 Identity Theft
• Collections 
• Reporting Errors
• Charge-Offs

• Medical bills

• Late payments


 Attorney Enriched  Credit Repair (FCRA + FDCPA)

Best Texas Credit Pros, ensures "Texas credit repair"

doesn't have to be complicated :

Our company explains credit repair in a way that makes sense; while striving for results. We not only focus on removing discrepancies and inaccurate information, but we also help you build your scores with positive  credit. Powerful results come from an experienced team who creates carefully customized tailored dispute letters to fit your specific report. You will be able to see the results happen in real time, with your own live status updates on a easy to navigate 24/7 online Cloud Portal. Accessible from the comfort of your own home or mobile device on the go. With our upfront pricing and honest customer focus approach, we can help you get back up and running whether it is to help you get into your new home, a new purchase, auto loan or just to remove items to raise your scores. Best Texas Credit Pros is the solution to simple credit repair. Best Texas Credit Pros will provide excellent service throughout the entire process from start to finish coupled with the best expedient solutions to raise your scores so you can get on with your life and move forward to approvals and peace of mind.

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Trusted name amongst Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals in Texas

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 (3) Bureau Credit Report
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Texas  Credit Repair

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Getting Started

Call and talk to one of our   Credit Repair experts today.
Consultations are always FREE! We will pull your  credit report while you’re right on the phone with us and give you honest answers how we can help. We look at your reports the same way lenders do; finding the fastest way to get you to the scores you need.


Review and Set Up

We then simply email you the documents for your review and with a simple click of approval your automatically in our system and ready for your work to be done. The entire consultation plus paper work can be done in under 15-20 minutes.


We Will Do the Rest

We then interface directly with the 3 major   credit bureau’s or in some cases the creditor’s themselves using our years of experience to facilitate the removal of those pesky negatives. 

 Credit Repair Dallas,  Fort Worth,  Austin,  Houston,  San Antonio

Credit Repair Education 
Know your rights, How does credit work, Coaching


Dallas Credit Repair - Tips

 Fort Worth Credit Repair - Tips

  Houston Credit Repair - Tip

  Austin Credit Repair - Tips

  San Antonio Credit Repair

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Licensed and Bonded, LLC in the state of  Texas

texas best credit repair, texas credit repair

 Pro Credit Analysis

Careful analysis of discrepancies : (late payments, tax liens, charge offs, bankruptcies, repossessions, judgements,  and foreclosures) across all 3 Bureaus; Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. We customize professional individualized dispute letters for unlimited  items  on each of these three  creditor bureaus,  targeting also the individual creditors to ensure your credit report has 100 percent accurate, verifiable, and correct information reported. We carefully review line by line each erroneous/negative item that are potential candidates for removal, to ensure your information is fairly represented according to the Fair  Credit Billing Act, and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

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Quick Results

We get started to work for you right away. Results  in less than-45 days. Each month we continue to send out new customized disputes letters, which have been proven time and time again to provide results  fast, we do not delay your progress.

We specialize also in helping to represent you to remove inaccurate information to assist in expediting the purchase of a new home, renting a house, or get a loan  in a  amount of time that works with your mortgage company.

The erroneous items removed will be sent direct to you by the bureaus; so you have full visibility of items removed from your  credit. Coupled with Credit Monitoring services that will give you the peace of mind.

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Raise your Scores

We provide  credit building, to not only remove negative  items off your credit reports but build your scores wisely.  Credit Building is essential to raising your scores and help build a strong  credit foundation for your future.

No  credit  repair company can guarantee anything, but we can guarantee your money back if you did not receive any results. Zero risk guarantee.

*Certain conditions apply, inquire or see agreement for more details.

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Monitor your Progress

Cloud based customer login portal provided. Log in and check your progress from your mobile device or  desktop platform. The entire process is fully visible from start to finish from an easy to navigate client portal to watching your credit improve from the  comfort of your own home.

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credit repair texas, texas credit repair, credit repair fort worth, credit repair dallas

BestTexasCreditPros.com is headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and provides Premium Credit  Repair Services

We are available for all you need and budgets with our flexible payment plan solutions and acceptance of credit card payments. We are licensed, bonded, and have been continuously in business. We know what works and what does not and have been helping clients statewide and with 20 years combined experience in  credit repair services.

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 Texas Credit Repair - Best Texas Credit Pros, LLC

We are a fully bonded and licensed, credit repair company who insures you're represented fairly and accurately with the 3-Bureaus. Ensuring that the proper expectations have been set with each and every one of our customers; to give them the best and straight forward answer to a complicated broken credit system. Over 90 percent of credit reports have incorrect, erroneous, and old information associated to them. So we get to work for you! We stand besides our customers representing them fairly with the creditors and the bureaus to establish accurate reporting. We will find the correct solution to raising their scores. Results is our focus and simple is our goal.

"Remember that your only limitation is the one that you set up in your own mind."

credit repair texas, texas credit repair, credit repair fort worth

|  Dallas Credit Repair |  Fort Worth Credit Repair |  Houston Credit Repair |  Austin Credit Repair |


► starting @ $97 a month

        - Up Front Pricing

        - 3 plans to choose from

► Cancel Anytime

Results within 45 days 

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credit repair texas, credit repair fort worth, credit repair dallas
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Servicing All of Texas - Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio


Honest. Simple. Results.


  Credit Repair Fort Worth


  Credit Repair Austin

Factual Verification under FCRA (Fair  Credit Reporting Act) Section 611.:

The Factual Verification Process starts with the filing of a drafted dispute with each  credit bureau using all required language under the FCRA to ensure complete compliance by the  credit bureaus and proper verification of information furnished by creditors.

Using the correct language ensures that the  credit bureaus and creditor are legally put on notice that you have:

  • 1) Disputed the validity of the information.
  • 2) Assured the bureaus and  creditors that your dispute is not frivolous, irrelevant, or without merit; and
  • 3) Have demanded that the bureaus and creditors produce a description of the procedure used to come to their conclusion under FCRA 611(B)(iii).

This process will take 30 days from the date your initial dispute is filled with the  credit bureaus. They will then mail you an updated  credit results, where some accounts will be deleted and some will be verified. The results should include details on the process used to come to that conclusion.
In some cases we will file separate charges with the Federal Trade Commission and Bureau of Financial Protection against each  Credit Bureau and each individual creditor. 
This procedure relies on using the required legal language and then holding the creditors and  credit bureaus responsible by filing appropriate charges and providing the requisite evidence that the credit bureaus and creditors had notice but were negligent in following the law.

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