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Best credit repair company in Texas
Credit repair done right!

Credit Repair is simple with a company who provides powerful solutions and results, and with the right tools to fix your credit. Our job is credit repair and we are the experts! We know what it takes to improve our clients credit. Our proven 3 step solution has literally helped thousands of people across the state. If your goal is better credit, We Are Your Answer! Call us today for your next steps.

Our goal is to fix your credit and build your scores!

Our company's purpose is results. We provide solutions to fix your scores, enrich lives, and rebuild a future with results, more approvals and fewer denials. Scores so you can take control of your life again and rebuild your future!

   1.) Enroll in our easy sign up form.

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Within minutes you are e-mailed instructions on how to get a FREE 3-bureau  credit report. Upload within one click. We will analyze and come up with a plan to build your scores by upholding the rights you have to dispute erroneous data and discrepancies to reflect 100 percent accurate information.



2.) We help you get from point A to point B

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By carefully crafting your custom dispute letters that are tailored to fit your individual credit report. Access to a state of the art Cloud Login Portal. This allows you to watch your results in real time! Visible progress occurs progressively, ensuring you that our program is highly effective. Full visibility of removals, upfront pricing and nothing hidden.

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3.)  Results expedient ! Quick Solutions!

Within a 35-45 days the credit bureaus will mail your results of removals and deletions from your credit report, so you're the first to celebrate. Some clients receive letters from the creditors to negotiate and lower your debt with them.
Another round of dispute letters will be processed immediately after receiving your results. Then watch your scores rise online. The formula that make Best Texas Credit Pros work effectively is that we not only focus on deletions from your credit report but we also speak with you 1-to-1 to give you the tools you need to ensure you're set up to build positive credit as well.

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All of our clients are protected under the (FCRA) Fair credit reporting Act and (FDCPA) Fair debt collection practices act. We simply make sure that these laws are duly performed to the extent of the law. Our aggressive hands on approach to having inaccurate and unverifiable information deleted across all three bureaus

Making the Decision on Credit Repair 

Our commitment is to help enhance your life by enhancing your credit score. Having a higher credit score leads to many benefits. Home ownership, acceptance from various loan lenders and needed cash during times of economic hardship are just to name a few. Rather it be for the above mentioned or not,it simply makes life more enjoyable. Your financial life style has led you to debt. Now allow Best Texas Credit Pros to lead you to a road of recovery through positive reporting from ALL 3 Major  Credit Bureaus.

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